Holland Land Company
In 1794 Hendrik de Clercq came to America to become a farmer. He settled in the town of Cazenovia, in the State of New York, because of his relations with the Holland Land Company (HLC). The HLC was an unincorporated syndicate of thirteen Dutch investors in Amsterdam, who placed funds in the hands of certain trustees in America for the purpose of investing in land in central and western New York State and western Pennsylvania.
Several of the thirteen investors were close relatives and friends of the De Clercq family in Amsterdam.

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The town of Cazenovia was founded by John Lincklaen, agent for the Holland Land Company. Hendrik was one of the earliest settlers and in the first years he worked for Lincklaen.
Nowadays it's a beautiful village with many historic sites.

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The late Daniel Weiskotten, a local historian, created a invaluable website on the history of Cazenovia.
It contains several sources in which also De Clercqs are mentioned (search for De Clercq and DeClercq)

Lorenzo State Historic Site

John Lincklaen, the agent of the Holland Land Company and founder of Cazenovia, built a beautiful mansion on the shore of Cazenovia Lake, which he called Lorenzo. Lincklaen was married to Mary Ledyard, a niece and namesake of the wife of Hendrick de Clercq. Undoubtedly Hendrik and Mary have often frequented this house.
Lincklaen died childless in 1822, after which the mansion became property of the Ledyard family and it has been so for five generations, until 1970. Nowadays it is a New York State Historic Site
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