Family tree

Flemish and Dutch ancestors

The ancestor of the American branch, Hendrik de Clercq (1776-1850), was of Dutch origin. He was born into a family of well-to-do merchants in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. However, the roots of his family were Flemish. In 1585 his great-great-great-great-grandfather Jacques de Clercq (1554/55-1609) had fled the city of Ghent in Flanders, after he was banned by the Catholic magistracy as punishment for his Protestant (Mennonite) beliefs and activities. He then settled in Haarlem, in the Northern Netherlands, where Protestants were in power.

Jacques' family had lived in Ghent for generations, since the early 1400's.
His earliest proven ancestor can be traced back to a little town called Erondegem, about 15 miles southwest from Ghent, where he died in or before 1396. 
Our familyname is documented here even as early as 1295.

Below you will find Hendrik's line of descent.

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I.   Denijs de Clerc, lived in Erondegem (Flanders), died in or before 1396, married N.N. Loetins

II.   Pieter de Clerc, born probably in Erondegem in or before 1379, died Ghent shortly before 28 Nov. 1439, married ca. 1414 Katheline Rommelins, † na 12 Febr. 1458, dr. of Jan and Elisabeth van Bassevelde.

III.   Jacob de Cleerc, born Ghent ca. 1435/'40, died there 1503/'13, married before 18 Febr. 1463 Aechte de Vriese, born ca. 1435/40, died 1512/'13, dr. of Lieven and Cathelijne Sneevoet.

IV.   Gillis de Cleerc, died Ghent 1530, married Barbara de Cnibbere, died Gent shortly before 4 July 1541, dr. of Jan de Knibbere en Catharina sPeets..

V.   Lieven de Cleerck, born Ghent after 1505, died between 18 May 1555 and 8 April 1559, married Lievijne van Houcke, died shortly before 11 Oct. 1604, dr. of Jan (Johannes)

VI.   Jacques de Cleercq, born Ghent 1554/'55, buried Haarlem 19 Aug. 1609, married Passchijntgen Grijspeert (Grispere), born Rumbeke (Flanders), died Haarlem .. Aug. 1638, dr. of Pieter.

VIIb.   Lucas de Clercq, born Haarlem ca. 1603, died 26 Aug. 1652, married 1. (marr. contr. Haarlem 8 Jan. 1626) Feyna van Steenkiste, born Haarlem 1603/04, buried there (Grote Kerk) 3/10 March 1640, dr. of Pieter and Janneke Bertramsdr. of Caerle; married 2. Rotterdam 18 Sept. 1640 Adriaentgen Keyser(s), born Rotterdam, buried Haarlem 18 Jan. 1662, dr. of Leendert Cornelisz and Janneke Jansdr. Nisbeth alias van Rueven, and widow of Cornelis Jansz. Snaets; she remarried Haarlem 7 Sept. 1654 Jacob Elias.

VIII.   Pieter de Clercq, born Haarlem 1631, buried Haarlem (Grote Kerk) 3 Nov. 1666, married Amsterdam 28 Jan. 1652 Agniesje (Anna Nisia) Hugaerdt, born Amsterdam 1630, died there 23 June 1681, dr. of Jacques and Christina Cornelisdr.; she remarried Haarlem 28 Sept. 1670 Jan van Bronckhorst.

IXa.   Pieter de Clercq, born Haarlem 21 Dec. 1661, died Amsterdam 3, buried there (Nieuwe Kerk) 10 Febr. 1730, married there 16 Sept. 1685 Cornelia Block, born Amsterdam 7 Aug. 1667, died there 20, buried there (Westerkerk) 26 April 1745, dr. of Laurens and Elisabeth van Lennep.

Pieter and Cornelia were parents of many children, including:

  1. Pieter de Clercq [Xa], born Amsterdam 9 May 1700, died Amsterdam 6, buried there (Westerkerk) 12 Jan. 1757, married there 11 April 1728 Sara van Leuvenig, born Amsterdam 2 March 1705, died there 4, buried there (Westerkerk) 10 Jan. 1766, dr. of Steven and Anna Kuyken.
    The oldest branch of the Dutch De Clercq family descends from this couple
  2. Jacob de Clercq, see Xb.

Xb.   Jacob de Clercq, born Amsterdam 25 July 1710, died h. ‘Duynlaan’, Bennebroek 16 June 1777, married 1. Utrecht 9 June 1737 Geertruyd Margaretha Verbrugge, born Rotterdam 16 Dec. 1716, died Amsterdam 18, buried there (Nieuwe Kerk) 24 April 1755, dr. of Justus and Cecilia Antwerpen; married 2. Amsterdam 21 June 1756 Catharina Fortgens, born Amsterdam 20 Nov. 1710, died there 8 May 1783, dr. of Isaac and Margaretha van Loenen and widow of Abraham Fock and Gerrit Kuyken.

XIc.   Pieter de Clercq Jacobsz, born Amsterdam 21 March 1748, died Amsterdam 24, buried there (Noorderkerk) 29 June 1802, married Nieuwer Amstel 24 April 1770 Agatha Stockelaar, born there 17 March 1753, died Amsterdam 27 Dec. 1781, buried there (Oude Kerk) 2 Jan. 1782, dr. of Jan and Aletta van Rixtel.


Pieter and Agatha were parents of several children, including:

  1. Hendrik de Clercq, see XIc.4
  2. Gijsbert de Clercq [XIc.5], born Amsterdam 2 Aug. 1778, died Zutphen 11 June 1851, married 1. Amsterdam 3 Aug. 1805 Maria de Clercq, born there 17 May 1783, died there 19 March 1821 (XIa,1), dr. of Pieter (grandson of Pieter de Clercq [IXa] and Sara van Leuvenig) and Isabella Stinstra; married 2. Amsterdam 29 Oct. 1823 Jacoba Frederica Ising, born Zwolle 31 July 1779, died Zutphen 23 March 1860, dr. of Christiaan Leopold and Catharina Wehling.
    The youngest branch of the Dutch De Clercq family descends from the couple Gijsbert and Maria de Clercq

XIc.4 (A-I) Hendrik de Clercq (1776-1850), ancestor of the American branch