Family tree

The De Clercq family in America

After Hendrik de Clercq (1776-1850) moved from the Netherlands to Cazenovia, NY in 1794 and married Mary Ledyard five years later, he became the ancestor of a still flourishing branch of the De Clercq family in America.
In the second and third generation, some of his descendents moved west and soon the family scattered over the United States. Currently, familymembers live in New York, Rhode Island, Maryland, Missouri, Washington, California,  Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Georgia and Florida.

In the following pages you will find a survey of Hendriks descendents.
For reasons of privacy, the genealogical information in this survey is limited to the parents of the now living, oldest generation.

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The intention is to add more biographical information and more family pictures to each page. But this will take time.  And for this, help (information, digitized photographs) will be greatly appreciated!

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