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Coat of arms


Our coat of arms is formally described as: ‘Gules: a chevron Or between three mullets of six points Argent. Crest: a mullet of the arms’. These arms are used since the 1720’s, when they were brought to Pieter de Clercq (VIIIa, 1661-1730) by his friend George Bruyn, from a trip to Flanders.

The arms shown above were made recently - and digitally - for the purpose of this website.
Below are some older examples (click to enlarge).



Seal of Pieter de Clercq (1661-1730)


Put on the last will of him and his wife Cornelia Block,
dated 26 nov. 1729





Seal of Jacob de Clercq (1710-1777)


Put on a bill, made out by him as 'buurtmeester van Weespercarspel',
dated 22 febr. 1759.






Seal of Pieter de Clercq Jaczn (1748-1802)

Put on a letter that was sent by Pieter, as captain of a local civil militia, to the Committee of Defence in Amsterdam, dated sept. 1787





The family coat of arms, drawn mid 19th century by a Dutch heraldist, by order of Pieter de Clercq Gzn. (1807-1879)

Note that here the mullets are also gold, like the chevron. There are more examples like that. However, in general the mullets are (and should be) argent: silver.


Monochrome version of the coat of arms, made for the publication of the De Clercq genealogy in Holland (1911)