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De Clercq Family Association

The De Clercq Family Association was founded in 1989, by members of the Dutch De Clercq family.

We are all descendants of Jacques de Clercq (c1555-1609), from an old family from Ghent. In 1585, during the Age of Religious Wars in Europe, he was arrested for being an anabaptist (Mennonite) and was banned from Flanders. He then settled in Haarlem, in the Netherlands, and started a new life.

About one hundred years later, his great-grandson Pieter de Clercq (1661-1730) moved to Amsterdam. From then onward, until the middle of the 19th century, our family lived here. In the 17th and 18th century the De Clercqs were quite succesful merchants, mainly trading the Baltic Region, Sweden, France, Spain and Portugal.

This English section of our website is devoted to the American branch of our family.

In 1794 Hendrik de Clercq (1776-1850), who was then only 17 years old, decided to leave his hometown Amsterdam in the Netherlands and move to Cazenovia, in the State of New York. Here he settled as a farmer and became ancestor of a still flourishing branch.

On this section you will find information on Hendrik, his ancestors and his descendants.

However, please note that we are still working on this website. There are many parts that are yet to be constructed, texts that are yet to be written.

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